Article structure

The structure of the submitted article should include:

  • title,
  • abstract and keywords,
  • main text,
  • references (containing only cited literature).


Technical requirements

The text should not exeed 15 pages. Authors are requested to adapt the texts to the following technical requirements:

  • Word editor / format * doc, * docx, font Times New Roman 12, spacing 1.5, margin on the left side 35mm, Justify, pages should be numbered, numbering in the lower right corner;
  • full title in bold letters and centered; other titles aligned left, bold;
  • citations in the text should be accompanied by quotes at the beginning and end;
  • tables, figures, diagrams and maps should be numbered, titled, and the materials should be given their source;
  • persons mentioned or cited for the first time should be given a name.


Bibliographic format 

Please use Harvard Citation Style:

  • In-Text Examples
    • (Alheit et al. 2008)
    • (Alheit 1995, p. 215; Gibbs 2007, p. 34)
    • (Silverman 1997)
    • (Bergmo-Prvulovic & Hansson 2019)


  •   References List Examples 
    • Alheit P. (1995), ”Patchworkers”: Biographical constructions and professional attitudes - Study motivations of adult education students, in: The Biographical Approach in European Adult Education, P. Alheit, A. Bron-Wojciechowska & E. Brugger (eds.), Edition Volkshochschule, Vienna, pp. 212-231.
    • Alheit P., Rheinländer K. & Watermann R. (2008), Zwischen Bildungsaufstieg und Karriere. Studienperspektiven "nicht-traditionellerStudierender", "Zeitschrift fürErziehungswissenschaft", Vol. 11, pp. 577-606.
    • Gibbs G. (2007), Analizyng Qualitative Data, Sage, London.
    • Silverman D. (ed.) (1997), Qualitative research: Theory, method and practice, Sage, London.
    • van Manen M. (1992), Toward a Discource of Heteronomy, "Phenomenology+Pedagogy", Vol. 10,, 2.07.2016.
    • Bergmo-Prvulovic I. & Hansson K. (2019), Governance of teachers’ professional development and learning within a new career position, "Dyskursy Młodych Andragogów", Vol. 20,

Abstract, keywords

An abstract should:

- have a volume of 1/2 to 2/3 standard pages (ok.1800 characters),

- be written in 3 person singular,

- include in its content : the aim,  methods, results and conclusions.

Keywords (3-4) should be specific terms, relating directly to the content of the article.