The procedure of reviewing the papers published in "Adult Educators Discourses" is consistent with the guidelines of Polish Ministry of Science and High Education and in line with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics  - COPE (

  • Reviewers of the texts published in the "Adult Education Discourses" are selected in terms of competence in the field in order to guarantee a high standard and reliability of review.
  • The reviewers in their opinions are independent.
  • List of reviewers is located on the website of the journal.
  • The identity of the reviewers of individual issues of the journal is not disclosed.
  • Each text is peer-reviewed by two reviewers.
  • Reviewers and authors do not know their identity ("double-blind review process" ).
  • Assigning the text to reviewers, editors are guided by the principle of absence of conflict of interest between the author and reviewer (author and reviewer may not be in close personal or professional relationships, that is they may not be related, any type of business dependence or cooperation during the two years preceding the review may not be between them).
  • If the reviewer and / or the author knows each other''s identity, reviewer signs a declaration stating the absence of conflict of interest.
  • Review shall be made in writing, and its conclusions are clear and unambiguous.
  • Reviewer may make admission to the publication of the text on the basis of amendments to the text made by the author as indicated by the reviewer.
  • The reviews are only admitted to the texts which meet the requirements set out in the "General rules for publication" and "Formal and technical requirements".



 Formal Assessment of Article

The text reflects the profile of the journal

  • Yes
  • No

The writing is clear and concise

  • Yes
  • No

The article title is appropriate

  • Yes
  • No

Substantive Assessment of the Text


Specific Reviewer Comments and Suggestions


Reviewer Recommendation

  • I recommend the text for publication
  • I recommend the text for publication with alterations
  • I recommend the text for publication with major revision and re-review
  • I do not recommend the article for publication