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"Adult Education Discourses" is a scientific journal (that has been functioning since 2001, as a series of publications) published annually by the University of Zielona Gora - Faculty of Education, Psychology and Sociology - addressed to the researchers from various scientific communities, including in particular the young authors conducting studies and research on educational activities and contexts of learning of adults.

We want the "Adult Education Discourses" to be a place where "youth meets experience" and which creates an opportunity and the possibility of collaborative learning - sharing ideas, studies and opinions, inspiring each other, making bold rhetoric and polemics, or expression of dissimilar positions. We want our journal, thanks to the texts published in it, to create the opportunity for mutual understanding and to establish intergenerational, wide and open scientific dialogues. We would like to invite to these dialogues all scholars interested in broader issues of adult education, in particular representatives of the young scientists.



Publication ethics of "Adult Education Discourses"

The journal is created with attention to publication ethics and there are followed ethical principles to prevent dishonest publication practices. These rules are in line with the recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics  - COPE ( The principles of publication ethics concern the proceedings of the journal's editorial staff, authors and reviewers (COPE Flowcharts).


Declaration on the original version of the journal

Please be advised that the original version of the journal "Adult Education Discourses" is the paper edition (ISSN 2084-2740).
Table of Contents is placed on the website of the journal after the publication of the next number in print.

Adult Education Discourses; ISSN 2084-2740